Basotho travelling to Ireland


  • No Visa is required for Lesotho passport holders visiting Ireland for less than 3 months.

However the following basic requirements should be noted:

  • You should at least possess an invitation letter from the person who is hosting you in Ireland as well as his address and contact details
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Notify Lesotho Embassy in Dublin upon your arrival in Ireland
  • If you are travelling to Ireland through the United Kingdom, you need to have a British transit visa. Also if you are travelling to Northern Ireland, you should apply for the British visa.

To avoid delays and inconveniences at various airports, the mission encourages Basotho nationals travelling to Ireland to obtain an official letter from the Irish Embassy in Maseru stipulating that they do not require visas to enter and stay in Ireland.


Emergency numbers while on transit:

Lesotho High Commission - Pretoria +27 124607648 

Lesotho Consulate-General - Johannesburg +27 113393653

Lesotho High Commission - London +44 2072355686

Lesotho Embassy - Berlin +49 302575720