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Surrounded entirely by South Africa, the mountain kingdom of Lesotho is proudly different to and independent of its neighbour. Nicknamed the 'Kingdom in the Sky', Lesotho is one of very few countries in the world that lie entirely above an altitude of 1000m.

Whether you're trekking by pony or by foot across Lesotho's almost totally fence-free landscapes, you'll always be able to see spectacular mountain scenery and a people living simple, traditional lives.

Lesotho is an exhilarating place for outdoor orientated people.

Maletsunyane Falls

The Lesotho experience is unique. Soaring mountains beckon, skies overwhelm, and waters run wild and deep. Under thick snow or scorching sun, Lesotho is a beautiful and challenging environment which create a tourist's dream destination.

Go to Lesotho and you will experience a country which lives by the very spirit of adventure and excitement.

Looking Down Sani Pass
Looking Down Sani Pass

Sites of staggering natural splendour await the curious visitor in some remote locations. Reaching those spots is a challenge in itself and nowhere else are off-road sports more fun, gruelling, exhilarating and positively addictive than in Lesotho. Neither is it surprising that this is the home of the annual world-famous Roof of Africa Rally. 4x4 enthusiasts traverse in their vehicles across the Maluti mountains at an altitude of 3000 metres.

Pony Treking

The serenity of the land also lures holiday makers who enjoy more gentle pursuits. There is of course, wonderful fishing in the mountain streams, the terrain positively begs to be walked or hiked or ridden by pony. No matter how the weather is, the landscapes in all their different combinations catch an eye.

Lesotho also boasts some of the most pristine dinosaur relics in the world and is a Mecca for archaeologists and paleontologists alike. The country even has a dinosaur named after it- the 1m long herbivorous lizard, Lesotho-saurus! Dinosaur foot-prints can be spotted in various areas around the country.

From pony trekking and 4x4 routes, hiking and mountain climbing trails, a wide range of water based sports and activities, to spectacular waterfalls and rugged mountain ranges, Lesotho offers all this and more.

4X4 Treking

Unique sights in Lesotho include the spectacular scenery of Lesotho's rugged mountains and massive valleys. Pass by picturesque villages and watch herdboys returning from a hard day's work with their flocks or watch the women preparing the evening meal for the family.

Travel to Lesotho and experience a country which is unique and welcoming.

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